getgoingheroboy: (Oh crap!)
2011-11-14 10:35 pm

//1 This is unexpected to say the least.

[Action A; 948 Beulah Street] 

[Waking up with the odd sound of silence was different yet calming. Though, in realization that the room was no where near familiar as well as his clothes, it was obvious to Gilgamesh that something was most certainly wrong.]

Where am I?

[Looking over and seeing a familiar face next to him did not help the circumstances.]

[Oh, would you look at that. Blush.]

What the hell is happening!? What's going on!? Why are you- we in the same bed?! 

[So many questions, but like hell were there answers]

[Action B; around town]

[A young man fully dressed with an obvious case of confusion as well as what may always be a 'bed head' is working  on trying to get a feel of the area and is also trying to find answers. The most he has is;]

I have no idea where I am.